Profit from Your Patent

Besides filing a patent, you need advice on how to create license, royalty, and buy/sell agreements in order to profit from your ideas.

Also of key importance is to avoid getting scammed. Read Top 10 Warnings Signs You’re Being Scammed Out of Your Idea!

Many inventors fall victim to promotion firms that promise to help you sell your idea. Beware! Virtually NONE of the advertised invention promotion firms ever seem to enrich anyone’s pockets, but their own. Instead, the firms suggest a study which, of course, proves that your idea is valid and then it requests more dollars to both patent and promote your idea. Run!

Don’t fall in love with a promotion firm for your invention without first performing key due diligence.

Under the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999, promotion firms must disclose success rates. If any firm offers up advice without this data, again, it’s a warning sign of deception.

Every year, we file ___ number of patents to ensure that our clients’ ideas stay safe, protected, and profitable.