File For You Provisional Patent Application With Phone Consultation



Includes 30 minute phone consultation with patent attorney and author John J Connors to discuss your idea. We review your provisional patent application and file it for you. We recommend changes if needed. If the application is rejected, we will revise and refile it for you at no additional cost. We’ll send you a followup notice when it’s time to file your patent. If you use our team to file your patent, you’ll get a credit for the full amount of what you pay here.



Everything included with the “File For You Provisional Patent Application” service, plus a phone call consultation with John J Connors, the author of Patent It And Grow Rich and How To File A Provisional Patent Application.

Here are the details:

Write the provisional patent yourself and send it to Inventor Beware for review and filing with US patent office.

This option Includes:

A: Review by an IP professional.

B: Phone consultation with John J Connors, patent attorney and author.

C: Recommended changes for easy expectance and filing.

D: Filing Fee.

E: If rejected, changes made and refiled at no charge to you.

F: Follow up message when it is time to file your patent.

G: A credit for the full amount of this option on the final preparation cost of a patent if you chose to complete it with our preferred legal team.