Patents grant to inventors exclusivity to their inventions for a limited time.


Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is the “secret sauce” that separates you from your competitors; it is the foundation upon which your invention is funded and protected.

The writing of the patent is the “secret sauce” that separates you from your competitors;

Patent attorney John Connors is called the “Picasso of patents” because he has mastered this art. Unlike newly minted attorneys, he recognizes that an entire barrage of questions must be addressed and answered. Most importantly, he attacks your patent with a “what if” mindset laying the groundwork for a solid defense if your patent is challenged later. After all, a patent isn’t typically challenged immediately, but only after it has enjoyed a few years of market success.

We don’t just write a patent, we analyze the invention to write a patent with a mindset that it will be enforced in the Federal Courts.


Patent Prosecution

The second step after filing a patent is inappropriately called the prosecution phase. In reality, it is the thorough examination and vetting of your patent by the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Again, this phase is critical because if you can’t defend properly your claim here, the entire patent falls through! Attorney Thomas Connors has over 10 years of experience defending trademarks and patent applications and successfully getting them through the Patent Office.


Medical Device Patents

Special Expertise with Medical Device Patents

If you are working in the highly technical medical device arena, you need a law firm with specialized expertise. And, since medical device regulatory hurdles are typically so time-consuming and expensive, it’s usually best to file a patent before coming to market.

With over 35 years of experience, John Connors understands the 2 hurdles of patents that often derail a filing: lack of novelty and the nonobvious clause. Contact John to discuss your particular needs.


Medical Device Expertise with ICU Medial

Patent attorney John Connors worked with Dr. George A. Lopez M.D., the founder of ICU Medical, Inc., from its startup days to today – over 30 years! – he wrote the foundational patents that prevented giant corporate competitors from stealing ICU’s inventions. His role was so critical that he not only earned the respect of management, but served as lead board director before retiring in 2015, with the company having a market cap of over $1.8 billion.


Patent Validity Opinion

Getting an expert legal opinion helps you in making a decision about whether your patent is being infringed upon or if you’ve infringed upon another’s patent. This carefully researched legal opinion arms you with key information before you file a lawsuit or incur significant legal costs. Contact us to discuss your particular situation.


Patent Litigation Strategy

When it comes to lawsuits, you need a strategy and a plan. Having successfully defended over 33 patents in the last 12 years, we outsmart many competing counsels. Although we are not litigation specialists, we are patent and trademark experts who foresee the legal maneuvers available. Our advice and opinion tilts the odds in your favor.