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Navigating the Rocky Road of Intellectual Property:

Strategies for Avoiding the Pitfalls… and Profiting from Your Invention

Sometimes it seems as if inventing your product is the easy part! The tough job comes from avoiding the pitfalls and potholes that rob you of your intellectual property rights.

Arm yourself today with the knowledge to protect and profit from your new app, software, product, or invention by joining patent attorney John Connors for key lessons on navigating the road to success.

Key Takeaways from Attending this Talk

Attend this content-heavy discussion to discover how to:

  1. Own your intellectual property…and make money from it too!
  2. Differentiate between copyright, trademark, and patents laws so that you pursue legal protection correctly
  3. File a patent application early in order to defend yourself from copycats
  4. Obtain foreign intellectual property rights so that you’re covered outside of the United States
  5. Understand the nuances of the massive change in patent law that puts your invention in jeopardy of challenge.
  6. Master the #1 commandment in raising capital for your venture

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