Inventor Beware

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Dr. George A. Lopez, M.D

I’ve been working with John as my patent attorney since before founding ICU Medical. Inc. He wrote the paten on the click lock connector, my first invention, and he has been a director of the company for over 25 years. The strategy presented in his book Paten It and Grow Rich is the way to protect inventions. The chapter “ you shall beware of Bridge Loans” is based on his experience during the period when venture capitalist attempted to gain control of the company. Every inventor and entrepreneur should read Patent it and Grow Rich.

Vivek Jian; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ICU Medical

Vivek’s quote on John's role as lead director at ICU Medical. John played a crucial role in making these transactions as smooth as possible, and brought great insight from an intellectual property perspective for many years that helped shape some of ICU’s thinking on how to create the needle free category.