About The Author John J. Connors, Esq was founded in 2015 when the Author stepped down as lead director of ICU Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ), after 25 years of service on the audit, governance and compensation committees. The Author and his son share with inventors and entrepreneurs their experiences as business strategists and investors in startups.  Let the Author and his son, evaluate your business model. Click below to schedule a telephone conference with the Author and his son so they can help you.

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I’ve been working with John as my patent attorney since before I founded ICU Medical, Inc. He wrote my patent on the Click-Lock® connector, my first invention, and was a director of ICU Medical for over 25 years. The strategy presented in his book Patent It and Grow Rich explains what you need to do to protect your invention. The chapter “You Shall Beware of Bridge Loans” is based on his experience during the period when venture capitalist attempted to gain control of ICU Medical. Every inventor and entrepreneur should

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