DIY Patent Application Books by Renowned Patent Attorney John J Connors, Esq.

Learn How to DIY Your Patent Applications 

There's no way around it: Patent attorneys are expensive and not everyone can afford to pay $5K and up for a top patent attorney to write their patent applications. Fear not because renowned patent attorney John J Connors, Esq. has written 2 DIY books plus a special report to walk you through everything you need to do, step-by-step.

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patent it and grow rich how to diy your patent application by john j connors esq

why you need this book:

Learn How to DIY Your Patent Application

Delivered in PDF format

  • Learn how to protect your Intellectual Property ("IP")
  • Learn how to profit from your original ideas and inventions
  • Learn the three different types of IP and how to use them all to maximize your profit potential
  • Learn how to fill out your own patent application step by step
  • Save thousands of dollars on attorney fees by doing it yourself
how to write a provisional patent application diy book by john j connors esq

Delivered in PDF format

why you need this book:

Be First to File and Get A Full Year to Prove Your Idea Has Profit Potential

  • This book is essential if you want to take advantage of the latest updates to U.S. Patent Law
  • You can now file a Provisional Patent Application and you get all the benefits of being first to file with a whole year to file your non-provisional application
  • It might sound like a bunch of legalese and gobbly-gook to you but this is a powerful amendment to U.S. Patent Law
  • Getting your idea filed with the USPTO (Patent Office) faster gives you the edge over your competitors and IP thieves

why you need this report:

Download This Free Special Report on IP Law

  • Learn the fundamentals about the three different types of IP
  • Learn the key differences between copyright, trademark, and patent law
  • Build a solid foundation of knowledge so you know HOW to protect your money making ideas
  • Find out how each type of IP sets you up with different types of rights
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Let's keep it real. Most people frankly don't follow instructions very well even on how to adjust their bedside digital clock alarms. So how many can file their own patent applications? On this page above you have everything you need if you're the DIY type. But if you're like most people, you are NOT the DIY type. 

If you want to hire a patent attorney to handle everything for you? Talk to John.

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