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Do you have an idea for a new product a clever invention? Changes to the law that protect your right to profit from your idea with a patent have recently been made. The changes made make it easier and less expensive then ever to start on the road that protects your idea with a patent. The fist essential step is to file your provisional patent with the USPTO. John Connors Esquire identified this opportunity and wrote a step-by-step guide to help you thought the proses of writing a provisional patent. Be the first to order today and the author will strategize with you on a 30 min call.

Patent and profit 

About The Author John J. Connors, Esq was founded in 2015 when the Author stepped down as lead director of ICU Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ), after 25 years of service on the audit, governance and compensation committees. The Author and his son share with inventors and entrepreneurs their experiences as business strategists and investors in startups.  Let the Author and his son, evaluate your business model. 

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