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Patent Law

Why patent your idea?

Patent Law is for inventors who want to protect and profit from their ideas.

There are several types of patents but the most important first step for any inventor who has an original idea is to file a provisional patent application and to be the first to file the application. A provisional patent application has many powerful benefits.

Check out the benefits of being "first to file" for your ideas 

Establish a Filing Date

Under the recently amended United States patent law a patent is awarded to the inventor who first files an application describing the invention. Get there first.

Get Proof of Concept

You may think your idea will be popular and profitable but you'll never know until you get it out there. Be first to file and you'll have a year to test market it.

First Draft Your Claims

The terms you use to describe your invention are critical to the Patent Office in deciding whether your claims are going to be held valid and enforceable.

john j connors patent lawyer cover of magazine orange county attorney journal

Patent Lawyer

Meet John J Connors, Patent Attorney and Author of "Patent It And Grow Rich" and "How To Write A Provisional Patent Application"

The "10 Commandments" of the book Patent It And Grow Rich

These are the chapter titles of "Patent It And Grow Rich" by renowned Patent Attorney John J Connors

  • You Shall Not Disclose Your Idea Without A Written Agreement
  • You Shall Keep Good Records
  • You Shall File A Patent Application If You Can Not Keep Your Idea Secret
  • You Shall Keep On Filing Patent Applications
  • You Shall Use Trademarks
  • You Shall Register Your Trademarks
  • You Shall Use The Copyright Notice And Register Your Copyrights
  • You Shall Not Threaten To Sue If You Are Not Prepared To Act
  • You Shall Beware Of Bridge Loans
  • You Shall Make Money By Licensing Or Selling Your Idea

They Say

What They Say

dr george lopez md icu medical

Dr George A. Lopez, MD

Every inventor and entrepreneur should read John Connors' book, Patent It And Grow Rich

I've been working with John Connors as my patent attorney since before founding ICU Medical, Inc. John wrote the patent on the Click Lock® connector, my first invention, which is now widely used in every hospital in the USA. He has been a director of my company now for over 25 years. The strategy presented in his book, "Patent It And Grow Rich" is the best way to protect inventions, bar none. Every inventor and entrepreneur should read his book.

The chapter "You Shall Beware Of Bridge Loans" is based on John's experience during the period when a venture capitalist attempted to gain control of the company. John saved the company from that hostile takeover attempt. John's wisdom is essential for any inventor to draw on.

Dr. George A. Lopez, MD - Founder & retired CEO of ICU Medical, Inc.

vivek jain icu medical

John Connors plaid a crucial role in making critical IP transactions as smooth as possible, and brought great insight from an intellectual property perspective for many years that helped shape some of ICU Medical's thinking on how to create the "needle-free" category.

vivek jain, chairman and ceo of icu medical, Inc.

Should I Get The Book And Learn How To Do It Myself Or Should I Hire A Patent Attorney?

If you can't decide whether to go with a DIY or a DFY approach, consider the following:

Get The Books, Follow Along and Do It Yourself (DIY)

  • If you enjoy learning from books and following instructions, you can do this
  • If you don't enjoy reading and studying, you should hire a patent attorney
  • John's book includes step by step instructions and sample forms
  • If you are able to focus on minute details you can succeed with the book
  • Just like putting together IKEA furniture, expect to make mistakes
  • Risk of rejection for errors by USPTO (patent and trademark office)

Hire A Patent Attorney To Do It For You (DFY)

  • If you do not enjoy book learning, you will need to hire a patent attorney
  • If you like to read and follow instructions, you can probably do it yourself
  • When you hire a patent attorney, you can rest assured it will be done right
  • If you have trouble focusing on minute details, you need to hire an attorney
  • A skilled patent attorney will not make mistakes on your patent application
  • Eliminate risk of rejection by USPTO for errors in the application

More considerations:

  • Deciding whether to get a book and attempt doing a big job "on the cheap" vs hiring an expensive patent attorney depends on many considerations. If you believe your idea is "Shark Tank worthy" you may not want to take the risk to do it yourself; also time may be of the essence. 

  • On the other hand, if you're more or less a hobbyist and you like to do challenging and complicated DIY projects by reading books and following instructions, then John's book "Patent It And Grow Rich" along with his followup book "How To File A Provisional Patent Application" were literally written with you in mind! 

  • It's important to remember that even if your application has no errors when filed, USPTO may still reject your claim. For instance if your idea infringes on an existing patent. 

  • An experienced patent attorney will be able to advise you early and throughout the process by doing patent and trademark searches. You can learn how to do these as well by reading John's books and following his instructions, so it's up to you to decide if you're more the DIY type or the DFY type of person.


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