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Patents grant to inventors exclusivity to their inventions for a limited time.

Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is the “secret sauce” that separates you from your competitors; it is the foundation upon which your invention is funded and protected.


Trademark is anything that differentiates the supplier as the source of goods or services; a trademark never expires if used continuously.
Registering your Trademark with Your Patent
With any invention, you’re hoping to build mindshare and market share! To protect the intellectual property surrounding the invention, you draft a patent prior to use; to protect your trademark, you must use your trademark in commerce.


Copyright is for books, songs, movies, illustrations, and other works of art; protection typically lasts from the life of the author until 70 more years.
Copyright Registrations
Copyrights are filed with the United States Copyright Office, a division of the Library of Congress. Copyright protects your rights from being used by others and profiting from them. Working with us ensures that your application is filed correctly.

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